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Your Beliefs Have Kept You Locked At A Low Level Of Consciousness
How can we make that statement? You are not here by accident! You are looking for a change and landed here. 

Your level of consciousness is what determines how you experience life and you are looking because you are not satisfied and ended up here. That's how we can make that statement.

Religion taught us to operate at a 3rd-dimensional state of consciousness. At that level, you stay focused on lack and living with fears and anxiety.

It is a level of consciousness that keeps you having a 3rd-dimensional experience of life.

You Cannot Make Changes To Your Life From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It!

Don't settle for a life in which someone created the level of consciousness for you to live inside a box of limiting beliefs.

A deeper understanding of this idea is that your level of consciousness magnetizes the beliefs, which in turn magnetizes the experiences that will confirm what you believe. Another way to say this is that consciousness is the cause of your reality. You are the creator of that reality through your level of consciousness. 

What I just explained is profound metaphysical principles. But the knowledge can empower you to shift when you know how to apply it to your life.

That's why I've spent years researching and discovering the knowledge that will help you gain the skills to create the life you want on your own terms. I won't tell you what to think or how to live. Instead, I'll light the path, showing you the shortcuts and secrets that will help you unlock your own power.

With this knowledge, you'll have the tools to live your best life - one that you design for yourself. You'll have the courage to blaze a trail that's uniquely your own.

So, if you're ready to seize control of your life and live it to the fullest, then join me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Sacred Process Mastery Is Revolutionary!
Thousands of people, just like you, have already transformed their lives using the power of Sacred Process Mastery. And they overcame the doubts and fears that held them back.

Maybe you've struggled with self-sabotage or felt like your family and friends didn't support your dreams. Or perhaps you felt like you didn't have the fire within you to achieve your goals.

But here's the thing - we all have that fire. It's there, burning within us, waiting to be ignited.

The problem is that these mental viruses, like self-doubt and unworthiness, can cause us to lose relationships, jobs, and opportunities, and rob us of our joy.

But today, that ends.

It's time for a new vision of who you are and who you can become. It's time to become a more confident version of yourself, with the tools and knowledge to break through those self-limiting beliefs and achieve your fullest potential.

You have the power within you to change your life. 
A New Level In Life Requires A New Level Of Consciousness!
Unlock the power of your mind and transform your life with African Mind Rewire. Your beliefs shape your reality, dictating the level of consciousness you operate in and, in turn, determining your life experiences.

You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it! You cannot change your life living in the same beliefs that create the same patterns and behaviors.

Many of us have been conditioned by religion to operate within the confines of a 3D consciousness, often leading to feelings of fear and scarcity.

But what if there was a way to break free from these constraints?

Our unique program is designed to shift your awareness from a religious mindset to an expanded level of consciousness. With every module, you'll progressively break free from the fear and lack that holds you back, opening up to new knowledge that will further elevate your consciousness.

Remember, your life is a reflection of your consciousness. To change your life, you must first change your consciousness. The challenges you face cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness that created them. Your thought patterns are linked to your level of consciousness, and the life you live is a direct projection of this.

Consider reading a book. You might read it once and perceive it one way. But revisit it a year later, and you'll discover insights you didn't see before. That's because your level of consciousness has shifted, enabling you to "see" information that was previously inaccessible to you.

African Mind Rewire offers practical knowledge and actionable steps that you can incorporate into your daily life to raise your consciousness. It's not about simply changing your life; it's about transforming your consciousness to create the life you desire.

So why wait? Embrace the journey towards elevated consciousness and unlock a life of limitless potential.

So don't let self-doubt and self-loathing hold you back any longer. Join the African Mind Rewire course and begin to step into your power!

Reclaim Your Power and Achieve Unprecedented Success: Learn the Tools of Sacred Process Mastery and Become the Most Confident Version of Yourself!
This course is about more than just knowledge; it's about acquiring the skills to be able to handle life's inevitable challenges. In it, you'll learn how to overcome fear, build self-worth, and adopt a more confident mindset.

You'll gain a conscious and deliberate understanding of how the metaphysical laws of the universe work—no more guesswork or confusion. And with the repetition of simple-to-use and easy-to-understand processes, you can become a master of your own destiny.

By doing this inner work to create action and purpose in your own life, you'll make positive changes for yourself and those around you. 

Plus, I'm teaching from my own experience with these ideas and concepts—not just theory—so I know how powerful they can be when overcoming difficult situations like depression, divorce, job loss, homelessness, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Join us African Mind Rewire and take control by unlocking your hidden power.

I Had To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone To Create This

My dear family, it's time to break free from the chains of negative programming that have held you back from living your best life. The belief that you are a worthless sinner who needs saving is nothing but lies that stunt your growth and limit your potential.

Let's release that burden and embrace our true potential by reprogramming that negativity and stepping out of our comfort zones. With the right principles and tools, you'll be empowered to pursue your dreams and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

It's common for doubts to creep in and try to paralyze you with fear of judgment or ridicule. But I want you to know that these doubts are merely viruses that can be eliminated with action and belief in yourself.

As a teacher, I understand the discomfort of putting yourself out there, but I also know the reward that comes from taking a leap of faith. With Sacred Process Mastery, I overcame those doubts and achieved great things, and so can you.

Transformation takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. Together, we can take steps to change your life and others around you. Let's reprogram that negativity and build a better future for ourselves and those we care about.

Believe in yourself, take action, and watch your dreams become a reality. You're capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Exactly What You're Getting
Are you curious about what our course entails? We've got you covered! Our nine-module program combines text-based lessons with video supplements to help you fully understand the knowledge at a modern science level while also connecting the dots to metaphysical science and ancient teachings.

In other words, when you can connect new knowledge to old similar knowledge, YOU LEARN!

With our detailed step-by-step instructions, you'll never be confused again. This newfound clarity will empower you and give you the confidence to apply what you've learned. And to make sure you've grasped the most important points of each lesson, there's a short quiz at the end of every module.

Our busy lifestyles demand that we optimize our time, so our course is formatted to release articles week by week. This conscious pacing allows you to absorb, implement, and practice each lesson before moving on to the next one. 

You won't have everything thrown at you at once, thus reducing overwhelm and allowing you to take in bite-sized chunks of knowledge.

Are you feeling lost, confused, or plagued with doubts and guilt about your old religious beliefs? Our two-pronged content will provide the clarity and liberation you're seeking. With our supplemental videos, you'll address these doubts head-on and unlearn the old dogma and indoctrination that may still be weighing you down.

No more being dropped off the psychological cliff with nowhere to turn. Instead, our program provides a soft psychological landing and empowers you with ancient spiritual science meaning that can be applied to your daily life.

But that's not all. Our class is designed to reorient you to a new way of thinking and being. By shedding the baggage of old beliefs, you'll transform into the powerful and authentic individual you were born to be.

With our program, you'll find the courage to bravely navigate the waters of self-discovery and emerge on the other side, knowing who you are and emboldened to create the life you want. 

So what are you waiting for? Join us in this transformative experience and start your journey toward a deeper understanding of the ancient spiritual sciences and a more fulfilling and authentic life! Sign up for our course now!
Module #1
Setting the foundation For Changing Your Consciousness And Rewiring Your Mind
  • This module teaches you a powerful ancient concept that is key to changing any aspect of your life.
  • You will be taught the "science" of manifesting and creating at a fundamental level
  • You will be taught a process that will set a foundation for overcoming and unlearning ANY negative programming
  • I will help you connect the dots to modern concepts you are familiar with that will help you quickly and easily learn and understand a major component of the science of manifesting
  • A simple but bold "Magneto Experiment" that will prove to you that mind and matter are connected
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
Once you learn and grasp module one everything else will connect to it in a way that will empower you!
Module #2
Gain A New Level of Consciousness By Connecting Your Physical Body, Your Body of Beliefs, and Your Energy Body!
  • Learn how mind, body, and soul connect energetically
  • Learn How The Chakras Affect Your Everyday Life, Relationships, and Illness Just To Name A Few
  • Gain Knowledge On How Negative Programming Affects your Health
  • Techniques To Become More Conscious And Aware Of Your Emotional State As A Natural Practice For Optimum Mental and Physical health
  • Gain Knowledge of How Illnesses Becomes A Symbolic Representation of Energy Blocks In Particular Chakras
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Then I'll Show You How To Use The Knowledge from Modules 1 And 2 To Help You Learn How To...
Module #3
Discover Your Purpose
  • You Will begin To See This Knowledge Like a Puzzle And How Each Module And Knowledge Fit Together To Aid You In Discovering Your Reason For Being And Your Purpose
  • Practical Tools And Techniques Aid You In Knowing You Are On The Right Path Or To At Least Discover The Path To Your Purpose
  • Learn how you have the power to change your life!
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Once You Learn And Grasp The Simple Concepts Of Modules 1, 2, and 3 Then You are ready To Expand Conciously...
Module #4
Develop a Conscious Knowledge of the Soul Through Kemetic Paradigm
  • Gain A Powerful And Empowering Ancient Kemetic Perspective Of The Soul And The Role It Plays In Your Everyday Life
  • Gain An Empowering Understanding Of Why You Have Difficulties In Your Life, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
  • Learn What Role The Sole Plays In Your Life And What It's "Job" Is As It Relates To Your Development
  • You will begin to operate from a place of power!
  • Learn why setbacks are designed to empower you!
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Then you'll Learn About Why Certain People Show Up In Your Life, And Why First Meeting A Stranger Can Feel Familiar...
Module #5
Soul Contracts And The Life Between Lives
  • Learn What A Soul Contract Is And What It Means For You, Your Life Lessons, And The Role Others Play In Your Life And the Role You May Play In Theirs
  • Did You Know That there are no accidents or coincidences? You Are Never A Victim from the Kemetic Paradigm
  • Gain a consciously Elevated Understanding Of What A Soulmate is and If You Will Meet Them In This Lifetime
  • Gain A Consciously Evolved Understanding Of Racism And Why We Incarnated As a Particular Race
  • Learn The Kemetic Science Behind Reincarnation
  • How do Reincarnation and Relationships Play Into When and Why You Keep Coming Back To Earth?
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Discover How Self-Love Impacts Health, Relationships, Career Choices, etc...
Module #6
Attracting The Perfect Love As Your Self Confident Reflection
  • Gain A Deeper Understanding Of How Self-Confidence and Self-Love Are Entertwined and Inseparable
  • Why Did you Choose The Career You have? How does Your Self-Confidence Play A Role In Career Choices?
  • Why Do You Seem To Get Involved Romantically With The Same Type People?
  • How Does Self-Confidence Affect The Quality Of Your Relationships?
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And more...
...And Finally You'll Discover How To Get Visitors And Sales Every Day Without Spending Any Money...
Module #7
Creating Money And Abundance In My Life
  • Learn The Kemetic Principles Surrounding Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life, Money Is Only One Aspect That Reflects A Mindset
  • Gain Knowledge Of Step-By-Step Processes To Creating Wealth And Abundance
  • Learn The Ancient Symbolic Language That Gives You The Secret To Creating More Wealth
  • How To Gain Leverage When Negotiating Partnerships
  • Learn Powerful Processes That Teach You How To Create Income 
  • And More...
...What Does Spirituality Encompass?
Module #8
Expanding Your Idea of Spiritual Living beyond you can’t do this and you can’t do that!
  • Learn How Christianity Trapped You Into A Limited way Of Thinking About Spirituality
  • Free Yourself From Limitations And Gain The Confidence To Trust Your Inner Call Beyond All Others
  • What Does It Mean To Connect To Your Higher self And How To Recognize When You Do
  • Processes That Teach You How To Connect To Your Higher Self 
  • And More...
...And Finally You'll Discover The Ancient Kemetic Science Of Reincarnation..
Module #9
  • Why Do You Continue To Reincarnate On Earth?
  • How Can Relationships Keep You In A Cycle Of Reincarnation?
  • Does Karma Really Exist?
  • Can You Come Back As An Animal?
  • Learn The Kemetic Science Of Reincarnation And The Meaning Of The Osiris Aspect Within Mankind
  • Break Free From Old Religious Concepts And Fears Of Going To Hell
  • And More...
You may have watched other youtube channels or taken classes that give you information, but nothing really that you can practically apply in your life.

They will tell you how spiritual the ancestors were or that you need to connect to the ancestors but never give you the how-to. In the end you may get some good knowledge, but then what?

This is what’s different about African Mind Rewire and applying sacred process mastery.

You get to learn processes and tools that will be of immense benefit in your everyday life and all aspects of it, from career, relationships, financial, health, and so on.

You will get step-by-step processes to help you reverse negative virus programming and give you confidence.

You will be given tools to help you shift to the ancient Kemetic paradigm. It will connect you holistically to mind, body, and soul.

It will be key to consistently connecting your higher self and truly awakening you out of the “Lazarus state” of being esoterically dead or unaware of your higher self.

You will be taught a process to help you discover your subconscious programming. This will be a key to you changing your mindset and creating the life you want.

I connect the dots from the latest science to the concepts of ancient science to better help you understand the similarities.

You will learn quicker and it will stick when you understand these ideas and how they connect to your previous life experience and what you already know.

I'm Also Giving You 5 FREE Bonuses Worth $12,905 When You Invest Into Yourself Through The African Mind Rewire Course
If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care about the results that my students get and that's why I'll go the extra mile for you.

To make sure you get results from this, I'm giving you 4 FREE bonuses worth $12,905.

Here's what I've got for you:
Exclusive Private Community (Value: $700)
  • Connect With Other Like-Minded Individuals All Around The World In A Group Exclusively For Students
  • Get Access To Me Personally  (To Answer Questions,  And Coaching You)
  • Receive Ongoing Support As You Develop In This Knowledge From A Community Of Positive Individuals Excited About Your Growth And Development
  • Create Accountability Deals With Fellow Students
  • You'll See What Works For Others And You'll Be Able To Learn From Them First Hand As They Share Their Struggles And Triumphs
  • One Of The Biggest Complaints I Hear From Others Is How Lonely This Journey Can Be. Now You Can Connect With Others.
...Plus you will get my signiture course which is over 6 hours worth of teaching and training all at the pace you decide...
African Spirituality Before Christianity: The Ultimate Guide ($80.00)
  • You will finally learn the framework in which the ancient Egyptians intended which will help you learn the system much quicker than anywhere else
  • Compare and Contrast the original Egyptian/Khemetic System to the distorted teachings of Christianity
  • This is a well-documented and researched program, you will gain the ability to reach people through compassion and with facts that will satisfy their curiosity rather than antagonize them with personal attacks on their belief system
  • Through your experience of this knowledge you will help ease the fears
...Plus my basic course that has ovet two more hourse worth of training and knowledge. Again, complete at your own pace.
My Course On African Spirituality for Beginners 
Value ($50.00)
  • What Did ancient Africans believe before colonization?
  • What were foundational beliefs all over the continent of Africa?
  • Where did the name Kemet come from?
  • Where did Egyptian culture start?
  • Is Kemetic civilization older than Egyptologists say? The Sphinx has the answers
  • What was ancient Kemetic Cosmology?
  • All these questions and more are answered in this course
My Best YouTube Content No ads
Value ($2375.00)
  • Supplament your learning of these Kemetic priniples
  • Categorized by subjects
80 Hours Of Recorded Group Coaching Meetings
Value ($10,400)
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Listening to recorded virtual group coaching calls allows you to absorb the information at a pace that suits your learning style. You can pause, rewind, or replay sections as needed, ensuring you fully understand and retain the material.
  • Flexible Access: With recorded calls, you can access the valuable insights and discussions at any time that fits your schedule. This flexibility makes it easier to incorporate the coaching sessions into your daily routine and maintain consistent progress in your personal development journey.
  • Review and Reinforcement: Recorded virtual group coaching calls provide an opportunity to revisit key concepts and reinforce your understanding. Repeated exposure to the material can help solidify your knowledge and enhance your ability to apply the principles effectively in your life.
  • Capture Missed Content: If you were unable to attend a live virtual group coaching call or missed important information during the session, recorded calls ensure you don't miss out on valuable insights. You can catch up on the content at your convenience and stay aligned with the group's progress.
  • Track Your Growth: Listening to recorded virtual group coaching calls allows you to track your personal growth over time. As you revisit past sessions, you can reflect on your progress, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate your achievements, boosting your confidence and motivation to continue your transformation journey.
The free bonuses will help you live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on your terms. 

I know that the free bonuses alone have impacted students and helped them to transform their minds. And when they transformed their mind, they transformed their life!

You’ll have everything you need to succeed and learn Sacred Process Mastery so that you can create a new life on your terms and no longer be stuck in an uninspired mundane rut of your everyday life.

They say that the richest place on the planet is the graveyard because most people die with their dreams inside them.

Don’t be that individual that has the dream of being more, doing more in their life and making a difference but never get off the couch.

This is your chance to rewire your mind and create the success you’ve always wanted deep down but had no idea of how to get there.

Here's What To Do Next
You can join the course with lifetime access for a one-time payment of $466. With the bonuses, it is a no-brainer. But I reserve the right to change my mind on the price at a later date. 

If you don't have that saved up right now, you can sign up for 6 monthly payments @ $97 for lifetime access to course content and bonuses. 

The course will not be this low price again! Just the group coaching recordings alone, OMG!

But the way I see it, there are those that see a price but don't realize what it costs them not to invest in themselves. 

The cost is the lost opportunity you had because you did not have the confidence to go after that job that would have given you a substantial raise. 

The cost of losing out on the nice vacations because you didn't have the money and didn't start that side hustle. Why? Because you just didn't believe in yourself.

This is an investment in yourself to unlearn the negative programming and begin living life on your terms. That is priceless! That's the value beyond the price. 

What I want to recommend to you is that you make a decision, Yes or NO

Do not leave this page with an "I don’t know"

I don’t know will NEVER serve you,

You already know the feeling of confusion won’t get you anywhere,

A yes will have you moving forward, will have you going all in, 

will have you doing the work, that will ultimately change your life
A NO will relieve the confusion and will have you saying no on purpose for whatever your reason is.

The only thing I want to say is, that if you say no, make sure you like your reason, make sure that’s a reason you want to live the rest of your life by

Clicking the button under the video, sign up for the African Mind Rewire, and get instant access to $12,905 worth of free bonuses

Here's What Happens After That
You will also receive a welcome email with your login details and more information on when and how to access each bonus.

And of course, you’ll receive the $12,905 worth of free bonuses.

As soon as that’s done, you’ll be added to our exclusive Vibely community where you’ll be able to connect with your new family. 

And you’ll also meet others on your journey in a positive environment. That’s where the fun part really starts. 

You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you: you’ll be creating life on your terms and having fun along the way. 

In total, you get access to the modules and teachings that you can access 24/7 from your member area. 

This course is designed knowing that people are busy and juggling many different aspects of their lives. 

So don’t worry, everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks so you never feel overwhelmed.”

If you feel like living life boldly, unapologetically, authentically, and on your terms is right for you, click on the button under this video, sign up for my African Mind Rewire course and get $12,905 worth of free bonuses”.

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