Do you want to live life on your terms but fears and doubts are holding you back? 

Limiting beliefs have been programmed into you, but you can LEARN to create life on your terms! 
Click on the video below to find out how!

I was finally making it through one of the worst times in my life and this happens!
It was a rainy day and I was on the freeway driving back to my one-room hotel from a court date. The rain was coming down pretty hard. As I was rounding a curve on the freeway traveling about 60 miles an hour I felt something bump the back finder of my car.

My car spun out of control! At that speed, my car spun for a distance of around 200 yards before it crashed backward into the concrete wall on the median.

I braced for the oncoming traffic to slam into me as my car sat straddling the first lane of the freeway. I didn’t even want to look to see what was coming. I gripped the steering wheel waiting for the impact of another car that couldn’t stop on the slick pavement. I was terrified!

I could not believe what happened next!

This was around ten years ago
I had lost everything I owned due to being laid off from my job as a school teacher. The district had miscalculated by millions of dollars and had to lay off many new teachers they had hired the year before. I was one of the last to be hired so I was one of the first to be let go.

Things got so bad financially that I almost became homeless but ended up living in a one-room extended stay hotel renting month to month. It was the only thing I could afford after paying child support with my unemployment check each week.

Losing everything was financially and psychologically devastating for me. I dealt with a lot of really negative emotions.

Would a real man be going through this?
I was a man in my late forties and my woman left me when I needed her most.

I had children in school and I could do very little outside of child support to financially help them. I felt hopeless and less than the man society said I should be at that time in my life.

I was supposed to be financially stable, with all the trappings of success, like a nice house, a nice car or two, a fat savings account, and well on my way to looking forward to retirement.

I was angry, bitter, and mad at the world. If something didn’t change I was doomed to stay in a mental cycle of depression and despair.

"No Romance Without Finance"
About a month before the car wreck I had gotten my new teaching job. Through practicing sacred process mastery based on Kemetic science spiritual principles I had begun to come out of the financial hole. 

I wanted to move out of that extended stay hotel into an apartment.

Using sacred process mastery and the Kemetic framework, I asked the universe for $3,000 dollars so that I could get necessities like furniture and a bed to move into an apartment. I didn’t know where I was going to get the money. I was coming from less than zero after losing all that I had when I was laid off.

I also wanted a place that I could be proud to just bring over a date. I didn’t feel very lovable when I was financially down. You know the old saying, there is no romance without finance. Back then, I took that to heart. It was a very solitary and lonely existence.

After this car wreck is where I learned to use the sacred process called the pancake method. Without it, I would have stayed depressed and hopeless.

I Couldn't Believe What Happened Next!

Back to the crash on the freeway. I was terrified and couldn’t believe what happened next! Not one car crashed into me. But why not? I was obviously pleasantly surprised. 

When I finally had the courage to look at what was coming at me a Bobtail truck had also crashed into the wall about 100 yards behind me and blocked off that whole first lane of traffic! I just knew it was divine intervention!

Except for a stiff neck and back from tensing up before I hit the wall, I wasn’t injured at all. But the car was totaled.

Truth is, the car was a wreck before the wreck. 

I got out of the car, surveyed the damage, and gave thanks for being safe. This is where I finally understood and practiced the sacred process of staying present.

Accessing life through sacred process mastery and my Kemetic paradigm changed me a lot. It’s what I live and teach to this day. Not from theory, but through real-life experiences that were really tough. 

It was a year and a half that I was unemployed and living in that extended stay hotel. As I said before, it was one of the most difficult times in my life. But paradoxically without it, I would not have gained the knowledge that I share with you now.

The worst thing to do is try and wait till it gets better!

Many people want to say when I feel better, or when things turn around I will learn these principles.

But I can say that without them I would never have turned my life around.

I have helped thousands learn these principles and teach them step-by-step this new Kemetic framework and sacred process mastery in which to access life.

Before Kemetic science, I would have accessed all those life events through the negative religious programs and the idea that I was being punished by God or the devil was working against me. 

Even though I knew what I knew, there were times I had to really fight off that negative religious programming that had been so ingrained in me from childhood. Even years later I realized I was still Christian in many ways even though I was no longer a believer.

A Picture Frame Will Focus You On What's Inside The Frame

You see, most people think what you learn through religion is good or at the very least benign with very little effect on you if any.

But as I found out on my journey there is negative programming that sticks with you for most of your life if you never become aware of it.
Let me put it this way. Would you ever tell a child to wake up every morning, look into a mirror, and 

state to themselves these fundamentally Christian teachings:

I am a born sinner that is broken, wicked, and sinful because of my human nature.

I am no good and saved by the grace of God even though I am like a filthy rag and barely worth saving.

I am a wretch, lost, and unworthy to be in the presence of God

What would be the mentality of a child that affirmed these negative ideas about themselves?

Would they be confident, or live life afraid to reach for their lofty goals because any failure would only confirm an already negative opinion they have of themselves?

I was a man in my late forties removed from Christianity for years and I still battled with this negative programming in so many areas of my life.

Just like a picture frame focuses you on whatever is inside the frame, Christianity is a framework of ideas and beliefs that caused me to look at myself in negative and self-limiting ways for most of my adult life!

All that I have been through has helped me to recognize my power to create through Sacred Process Mastery

Inner Peace And Confidence Is A By-product 

Sacred process mastery through the Kemetic framework helped me to heal that inner child. A by-product of this ancient framework is the confidence that it developed within me with a feeling of inner peace and contentment where fear and anxiety reigned before in the Christian framework.

Back to the car wreck. Because the other driver was at fault, a couple of months later his insurance company paid me twice the blue book value of my old raggedy car. It was around $3,100 dollars. 

Remember I asked the universe for 3,000 and I got a little more than what I asked for only a few months before. 

I promise I am not making this stuff up. This was my life!

I'm shaking my head now thinking about all that I’ve been through over the years. I blocked so much of it out because I stayed focused on the prize. It was the Sacred Process Mastery that gave me the tools to do so. I could have stayed down and depressed for years! But I didn’t because I learned a new way of being.

Sacred process mastery through Kemetic science principles is a new way of accessing life beyond the negative programming of fear and helplessness of religion. 

Even when I was young I always had felt that something was not right about Christianity. I stayed with it because I didn’t know anything else and because I was afraid of going to hell just in case they were right. 

Learning Kemetic science has removed all doubts and any fear that they could be right about going to hell. Those fears and anxiety are no longer a part of my life.

What Is More Important About The Kemetic African Spiritual System Than Others? 

What learning Kemetic science did was allow me to fact-check the Christian doctrines I was taught and unlearn the negative programming. Logically, it answered so many questions I had about my childhood religion.

That's because What became Christian started from the ancient Kemetic teachings and filtered down through Greek Gnostics. The Greeks learned in from ancient Egyptian/Kemetic teachers and then the Christian fathers learned many of these ideas that became Christianity from the Greeks. 

But early Christians misunderstand and mistranslated many of the ideas to create the religious doctrines that we know today.

Sacred process mastery also gave me the confidence to live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on my terms without guilt and shame. It’s because of Kemetic science that I gained the confidence to create and share with you and the world this class called The African Mind Rewire.

The principles that I learned to apply through many years of hardships and ups and downs you can now learn in a matter of weeks or months to apply in your life.

When you learn Kemetic Science and spirituality you will, at the same time, unlearn the negative Christian programming.

Overcoming Your Own Battle With Negative Programming  

Because of my negative programming, I was hesitant to start creating anything. Just like you, I had so many doubts running through my mind. But I decided to step out of my comfort zone. 

I first started a blog and shared my research. So many people started to tell me how much the information on my blog resonated with them.

Because I was a school teacher I was used to putting together a lesson plan to teach my students. But I felt like this was different. This was me putting myself out there. It was personal. In the back of my mind I was worried about what others might say. Will they mock me? Or Laugh at me? Will I look foolish?

The doubts were coming fast and furious as I began stepping into my purpose.

So I decided to not worry so much about what others may think and used my skills as a teacher to create the course and take a leap of faith. Another step that was uncomfortable, but I fought through it using sacred process mastery.

I know I was on to something because people kept telling me how much my work was inspiring them. My transformation was not overnight. It happened in stages. That’s the way it works for most of us. So know that you will develop over a period of time.

Exactly What You're Getting
So I'm sure you are wondering what is included in this course.

There will be nine modules that are text based with video supplements to help you understand this knowledge step-by-step at the science level.

A short quiz at the end of each module to make sure you have understood and grasped the most important points of the lesson.
The format of 9 monthly modules is optimized for busy people who are short on time.

Articles are released week by week so that you have time to absorb, implement and practice. So you don’t have everything thrown at you at one time. This reduces overwhelm.

Module #1
 I will give you the foundation for what will reorient your thinking to the ancient Kemetic paradigm and empower you for the rest of your life! 

It will cause you to shift your thinking and help you truly grasp why you are a god or goddess in training. I’ll give you the ancient Kemetic science step-by-step, but also connect it to your previous knowledge of modern science. It will help you grasp what it means to you in your life and how it applies to you now.

I’ll give you a simple experiment to perform and PROVE to you how much power you have as gods and goddesses in training while on earth.

Setting the foundation for Rewiring your mind
  • You will be taught the "science" of manifesting and creating at a fundamental level
  • You will be taught a process that will set a foundation for overcoming and unlearning ANY negative programming
  • I will help you connect the dots to modern concepts you are familiar with that will help you quickly and easily learn and understand a major component of the science of manifesting
  • A simple but bold "Magneto Experiment" that will prove to you that mind and matter are connected
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
Once you learn and grasp module one everything else will connect to it in a way that will empower you!
Module #2
Connect your energy body via learning the Chakras and practical application
I orient you towards the ancient Kemetic concepts that help you to connect with the essence of your being in a way that will merge you mind, body, and soul. I will teach you how to connect your spiritual energy body by understanding how the Chakras work and how they affect you in your life and relationships.

It will make you more aware of how you move through life on a daily basis. You will feel more empowered and connected.

This knowledge will empower you to take control of how you think and why you should be more aware of not only your conscious thinking but also your subconscious programming. This is valuable because our life is run by 95% of our subconscious programming.

  • Learn how mind, body, and soul connect energetically
  • Learn How The Chakras Affect Your Everyday Life, Relationships, and Illness Just To Name A Few
  • Gain Knowledge On How Negative Programming Affects your Health
  • Techniques To Become More Conscious And Aware Of Your Emotional State As A Natural Practice For Optimum Mental and Physical health
  • Gain Knowledge of How Illnesses Become A Symbolic Representation of Energy Blocks In Particular Chakras
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Then I'll Show You How To Use The Knowledge from Modules 1 And 2 To Help You Learn How To...
Module #3
Discover Your Purpose
is about discovering your purpose. Learning the knowledge in modules one and two become the foundation for helping you discover or at least guide you to your purpose. I teach you really simple tools to use that help guide you to your purpose. What’s good is that this will build on the knowledge from modules one and two. All of this knowledge fits like a puzzle when you grasp it. 
  • You Will begin To See This Knowledge Like a Puzzle And How Each Module And Knowledge Fit Together To Aid You In Discovering Your Reason For Being And Your Purpose
  • Practical Tools And Techniques Aid You In Knowing You Are On The Right Path Or To At Least Discover The Path To Your Purpose
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Once You Learn And Grasp The Simple Concepts Of Modules 1, 2, and 3 Then You are ready To Expand Conciously...
Module #4
The Education Of The Real You As A Soul Through Kemetic Paradigm
will help you understand your life journey from a Kemetic perspective. From the ancient Kemetic paradigm the soul is the real you. You are eternal. You live many lives. Why does that thought process matter? 

You learn to think from an empowered perspective and what your difficulties in life are designed to do for you as a soul. In the Kemetic perspective, soul and body are inseparable units that work symbiotically. This will help shift you to a more holistic approach to mind, body, and soul. Unlike Christianity which puts the natural aspects of being human at odds with being spiritual.

The Christian way often produces a mentality of helplessness and victimhood.

  • Gain A Powerful And Empowering Ancient Kemetic Perspective Of The Soul And The Role It Plays In Your Everyday Life
  • Gain An Empowering Understanding Of Why You Have Difficulties In Your Life, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
  • Learn What Role The Sole Plays In Your Life And What It's "Job" Is As It Relates To Your Development
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Then you'll Learn About Why Certain People Show Up In Your Life, And Why First Meeting A Stranger Can Feel Familiar...
Module #5
Soul Contracts And The Life Between Lives
is all about understanding your soul contracts. In other words, what were the major lessons you came here to learn and why the major players are in your life. There are no accidents. As I learned through my hardships, sometimes the lessons can be difficult. 

This will connect module four as well. It will challenge you to expand your way of thinking. But it will definitely empower you if you take the lesson to heart.

  • Learn What A Soul Contract Is And What It Means For You, Your Life Lessons, And The Role Others Play In Your Life And the Role You May Play In Theirs
  • Did You Know That You Chose Your Parents And All The Major "Players" In Your Life? Yes, It's True. You Are Never A Victim from the Kemetic Paradigm
  • Gain a consciously Elevated Understanding Of What A Soulmate is and If You Will Meet Them In This Lifetime
  • Gain A Consciously Evolved Understanding Of Racism And Why We Incarnated As a Particular Race
  • Learn The Kemetic Science Behind Reincarnation
  • How Do Reincarnation and Relationships Play Into When and Why You Keep Coming Back To Earth?
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And More...
...Discover How Self-Love Impacts Health, Relationships, Career Choices, etc...
Module #6
Attracting The Perfect Love As Your Self Confident Reflection
is about gaining self-confidence and self-love. It is from this foundation that you develop your relationships, your career, and how you move through life. This will tie back into modules one and two. This knowledge is never on a disconnected island.
  • Gain A Deeper Understanding Of How Self-Confidence and Self-Love Are Entertwined and Inseparable
  • Why Did you Choose The Career You have? How does Your Self-Confidence Play A Role In Career Choices?
  • Why Do You Seem To Get Involved Romantically With The Same Type People?
  • How Does Self-Confidence Affect The Quality Of Your Relationships?
  • Exercises For You To Gain Practical Knowledge And Application
  • And more...
...And Finally You'll Discover How To Get Visitors And Sales Every Day Without Spending Any Money...
Module #7
Creating Money And Abundance In My Life
is a huge one for many. It is about creating abundance in your life. Many people think only in terms of money. But this module as all the others is about teaching you foundational principles that become a way of life. 

This will be a key for creating abundance with money, love, peace, and anything that you desire. It will connect you back to modules one and two again as the foundational principles.
  • Learn The Kemetic Principles Surrounding Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life, Money Is Only One Aspect That Reflects A Mindset
  • Gain Knowledge Of Step-By-Step Processes To Creating Wealth And Abundance
  • Learn The Ancient Symbolic Language That Gives You The Secret To Creating More Wealth
  • How To Gain Leverage When Negotiating Partnerships
  • Learn Powerful Processes That Teach You How To Create Income 
  • And More...
...What Does Spirituality Encompass?
Module #8
Expanding Your Idea of Spiritual Living beyond you can’t do this and you can’t do that!
will be about expanding your idea about what and who you are as a soul. You will be taught to think about what it means to turn within and connect to your higher self in ways that will empower you. You will be given tools and metaphysical exercises that connect you to the more subtle energetic parts of you as a soul. 

This will be knowledge that will elevate you consciously to a more universal perspective and how you fit within it.
  • Learn How Christianity Trapped You Into A Limited way Of Thinking About Spirituality
  • Free Yourself From Limitations And Gain The Confidence To Trust Your Inner Call Beyond All Others
  • What Does It Mean To Connect To Your Higher self And How To Recognize When You Do
  • Processes That Teach You How To Connect To Your Higher Self 
  • And More...
...And Finally You'll Discover The Ancient Kemetic Science Of Reincarnation..
Module #9
In this unit, we will get into the science and details of reincarnation from the ancient Kemetic perspective and address some of the basic ideas. It will help you to move beyond the fear and anxiety of going to hell and other concepts based on punishing you for some arbitrary reason. You will get a soul perspective on racism and what it means as you journey through the life school called earth.

This module will help free you from the old religious concepts that have caused you to live with constant anxiety.

It will also empower you to reconcile broken relationships and understand how they affect you beyond this life and into the next. It will definitely challenge any hold over religious beliefs. However, you will be expanded consciously.

  • Why Do You Continue To Reincarnate On Earth?
  • How Can Relationships Keep You In A Cycle Of Reincarnation?
  • Does Karma Really Exist?
  • Can You Come Back As An Animal?
  • Learn The Kemetic Science Of Reincarnation And The Meaning Of The Osiris Aspect Within Mankind
  • Break Free From Old Religious Concepts And Fears Of Going To Hell
  • And More...
You may have watched other youtube channels or taken classes that give you information, but nothing really that you can practically apply in your life. They will tell you how spiritual the ancestors were or that you need to connect to the ancestors but never give you the how-to. At the end you may get some good knowledge, but then what?

This is what’s different about African Mind Rewire and applying sacred process mastery. When I was down and depressed, I had to gain the mental tools and processes to pull myself up. No one else or any pills would do it for me. 

I realized any cures had to come from within me. You get to learn processes and tools that will be of immense benefit in your everyday life and all aspects of it, from career, relationships, financial, health and so on.

You will get step-by-step processes to help you reverse with negative programming, and give you confidence to live boldly.

You will be given tools to help you shift to the ancient Kemetic paradigm. It will connect you holistically mind, body, and soul. It will be key to consistently connecting your higher self and truly awakening you out of the “Lazarus state” of being esoterically dead or unaware of your higher self.

You will be taught the spotlight process to help you discover your subconscious limiting beliefs and negative programming. This will be a key to you changing your mindset and creating the life you want.

I connect the dots to the latest science to the concepts of ancient science to better help you understand the similarities. You will learn quicker and it will stick when you understand these ideas and how they connect to your previous life experience and what you already know.

This class will change your life!

But it gets even better than that!

For signing up this week, I’m also giving you 5 free bonuses worth $15,205 as a welcome gift. If you know anything about me then you know I love giving more in value than you pay me in money.
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  • You'll See What Works For Others And You'll Be Able To Learn From Them First Hand As They Share Their Struggles And Triumphs
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6 Zoom Meetings For Group Coaching
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African Spirituality Before Christianity: The Ultimate Guide ($80.00)
  • You will finally learn the framework in which the ancient Egyptians intended which will help you learn the system much quicker than anywhere else
  • Compare and Contrast the original Egyptian/Khemetic System to the distorted teachings of Christianity
  • This is a well-documented and researched program, you will gain the ability to reach people through compassion and with facts that will satisfy their curiosity rather than antagonize them with personal attacks on their belief system
  • Through your experience of this knowledge you will help ease the fears
...Plus my basic course that has ovet two more hourse worth of training and knowledge. Again, complete at your own pace.
My Course On African Spirituality for Beginners 
Value ($50.00)
  • What Did ancient Africans believe before colonization?
  • What were foundational beliefs all over the continent of Africa?
  • Where did the name Kemet come from?
  • Where did Egyptian culture start?
  • Is Kemetic civilization older than Egyptologists say? The Sphinx has the answers
  • What was ancient Kemetic Cosmology?
  • All these questions and more are answered in this course
My Best YouTube Content No ads
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is access to my best YouTube videos and lives in categorized playlists of subjects for easy and quick access with no ads ever!
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The free bonuses will reinforce the ancient Kemetic science and will help you live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on your terms without any guilt or shame. 

They are not just throw ins, each bonus will supplement everything you are learning in the class. I know that these have impacted many thousands of people all over the world and helped them to rewire their minds. And when you rewire your mind, you transform your life!

You’ll have everything you need to succeed and learn Sacred Process Mastery so that you can create a new life on your terms and no longer be stuck in an uninspired mundane rut of your everyday life. 

Breakthrough depression, anxiety, and living conflicted about your life journey. Never again question if you need to wait on God to direct you along your path.

They say that the richest place on the planet is the graveyard because most people die with their dreams inside them. 

Don’t be that individual that has the dream of being more and doing more in their life and making a difference but never get off the couch. I had that dream when I was at my lowest point in life. These principles helped me rewire my mind.

This is your chance to rewire your mind and create the success you’ve always wanted deep down but had no idea of how to get there.

Here's What To Do Next
This week you can join the course for a one-time payment of $370 which will give you 12 months access to the course. That means two months are free! 

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So a quick recap of what you will get when you sign up this week
The African Mind Rewire Class

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What I want to recommend to you is that you make a decision, Yes or NO

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I don’t know will NEVER serve you,

You already know the feeling of confusion won’t get you anywhere,
A yes will have you moving forward, will have you going all in, will have you doing the work, that will ultimately change your life
A NO will relieve the confusion and will have you saying no on purpose for whatever your reason.

The only thing I want to say is, that if you say no, make sure you like your reason, make sure that’s a reason you want to live the rest of your life by

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So don’t worry, everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks so you never feel overwhelmed.”

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Now, you and I both know that I'll get a ton of interest from this letter, and that's why you need to read this next part carefully:

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 Time is a factor.
 As much as I’d love to help everyone Live life boldly, authentically, unapologetically, and on their terms without out guilt or shame, I can only accept a limited number of students this week and still provide the help and support that you need in order to get the results that you want with Sacred Process Mastery.

I simply don’t have the capacity for everyone, so time is a factor. Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close.
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